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Headshot taken by Andrew Grote, (C)2010. Image created with a ScannerCam. Full CV Available by request.
About Statement: My photographic career began at the Fort Hayes vocational high school, in Columbus, Ohio, where I took a commercial photography program my junior and senior years. The program cemented my obsession with photography, and as they say, the rest is history. Upon earning my MFA I began teaching at The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver, where I am currently an Associate Professor specializing in alternative processes and modern photographic printing techniques. I enjoy the balance of teaching and image making greatly, and plan to continue working in both areas as long as I am able. Artist Statement "21st Century Photography - a vision driven form of photography which freely combines historic methods, alternative processes, and adaptive techniques to create something new." - Tom Persinger I combine low-tech optics, such as toy cameras and pinhole cameras, with modern technology. Low-tech cameras do not always work, the exposures can be wildly different, and you never can be certain your main subject is even in focus. Even with all of these shortcomings, I genuinely like the challenge they present when shooting, and the potential rewards visible after chemical processing. While I do enjoy my brief escapes from technology when taking the image, in the production of the photograph as an object, I rely heavily on modern technology. As new forms of photographic expression are created, aided by the rapid progression of technology, I endeavor to continue exploring my environment using the methods of a 21st Century Photographer. CV Highlights * Earned BFA in Photography in 1999 from The Ohio State University. * Earned MFA in Photography in 2005 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. * Earned Associate Professor rank at the Art Institute of Colorado in 2009. * Appointed Curator for the John A. Jellico Gallery at the Art Institute of Colorado in 2011. * Exhibited personal work internationally, and published multiple times. * Work held by the Special Collections at the Norlin Library, CU Boulder.